New Tatting Modern Lace Motifs And Projects -

new tatting modern lace motifs and projects tomoko - a beautiful and detailed introduction to tatting with the growing interest in lace new tatting is a fantastic book for getting started in the craft tatting is a means of creating lace by looping threads together using tiny shuttles and your fingers with occasional help from a crochet hook, simply modern lace 20 knit projects interweave favorites - simply modern lace 20 knit projects interweave favorites interweave on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers handpicked knitting projects celebrate a favorite topic for knitters lace lace is a perennial favorite for knitters now the latest book from the interweave favorites series offers knitters a cornucopia of lace designs, shuttle tatting crocheting class craftsy - once you purchase find your class in your class library watch on any device anytime find downloadable class resources in the class viewer if you ve been longing to learn shuttle tatting or looking for a new craft that s fun inexpensive and portable this is the class for you marilee s warm, reading patterns and making projects part 2 tatted - in the last lesson on reading patterns we went over the three types of tatting patterns you will encounter and tried them out by tatting three small motifs these were ring only patterns made with a single shuttle this time we will branch out into making chains too these patterns will require either a shuttle and ball thread or two shuttles at the end of this lesson you will have the