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amazon com a fire upon the deep zones of thought - heart pounding mind expanding science fiction at its best publishers weekly starred review a fire upon the deep by vernor vinge is a genuine galactic epic weaving a large cast of humans and aliens vinge tells an exciting story in space and on several planets packed with ideas and wo, everything you need to know about the milky way - just what is the milky way a faint misty arch of light across the night sky it has fascinated people from all times and places many cultures have traditionally seen it as a river or road in the sky while to the kung people of southern africa it was the backbone of the night, exotic weapons atomic rockets - and remember from the discussion about nuclear weapons that there are 4 184e12 joules in a kiloton and 4 184e15 joules in a megaton so simply e kt m 42961 6 e mt m 43 0, nato general expresses alarm over atmospheric aircraft - 156 responses to nato general expresses alarm over atmospheric aircraft spraying, faster than light atomic rockets projectrho com - ftl faster than light this is by far the most important item of handwavium technology in space sf and is absolutely necessary for the communications trade and warfare of the known galaxy, dude you broke the future charlie s diary antipope - this is the text of my keynote speech at the 34th chaos communication congress in leipzig december 2017 you can also watch it on youtube but it runs to about 45 minutes