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british nationality law wikipedia - english law and scots law have always distinguished between the monarch s subjects and aliens but british nationality law was uncodified until the british nationality and status of aliens act 1914 codified existing common law and statute with a few minor changes, indian nationality law wikipedia - the conferment of a person as a citizen of india is governed by articles 5 to 11 part ii of the constitution of india the legislation related to this matter is the citizenship act 1955 which has been amended by the citizenship amendment act 1986 the citizenship amendment act 1992 the citizenship amendment act 2003 the citizenship amendment act 2005 and citizenship amendment, h2o water matters - preface water matters research with a view to a practical application in front of you is the seventh edition of water matters the knowledge magazine of the journal h 2 o you will find ten articles about a variety of subjects written by dutch water professionals on the basis of thorough research, netherlands press media tv radio newspapers - newspapers were introduced in this part of europe in the early seventeenth century a few decades after the northern provinces of the low countries obtained their independence from spain in 1579 by the union of utrecht and became the republic of the united netherlands, global indicators database pew research center - about the key indicators database pew research center conducts public opinion surveys around the world on a broad array of subjects ranging from people s assessments of their own lives to their views about the current state of the world and important issues of the day, esta application form for australian and new esta visa - enter the telephone number where you may be contacted if you do not have a telephone number you may provide an alternative third party telephone number belonging to a point of contact e g a family member friend or business associate, esta visa usa application for australian citizens - you do not need a visa for short visits to the united states since you are a british citizen uk is a visa waiver program country and being a citizen of it should only require you to apply for online travel authorization esta before traveling, frequently asked questions about international individual - the internal revenue service irs has received the following frequently asked questions regarding the affordable care act exchange rates expatriation reporting of foreign financial accounts foreign earned income exclusion itin applications and other general international federal tax matters impacting individual taxpayers the answers to these questions provide responses to general