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conventional hollow earth theories early history in ancient times the idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable and became intertwined with the concept of places such as the greek hades the nordic svartalfheim the christian hell and the jewish sheol with details describing inner earth in kabalistic literature such as the zohar and hesed l avraham, 10 debunked scientific beliefs of the past listverse - alchemy has its roots in the western world in ancient egypt where it combined with metallurgy in a form of early science the egyptian alchemists discovered the formulas for making mortar glass and cosmetics, tasmanian psychic expos hobart launceston devonport expos - the dr jason betts tasmanian psychic expos were founded in 1996 and are tasmania s most attended new age events, dreams of the great earth changes - useful information on dreams dream recall dream journaling translations big dreams about earth changes prophecy and links to other dream sites, individual song listing earth songs planet patriot - 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