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ifa divination communication between gods amazon com - the sacred texts of ifa repository of the accumulated wisdom of countless generations of yoruba people are an invaluable source not only for all students of african oral literature and yoruba civilization but also for future generations interested in the continuing vitality of ifa divination and a yoruba way of life and thought, amazon com ifa a complete divination ayo salami books - enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free kindle app then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone tablet or computer no kindle device required, ifa the true religion of yorubas sixteen is the number of - in the beginning olodumare god gave the orisa orunmila a flawless method of communication between himself and the orisa called ifa ifa is linked to destiny through the ifa the true religion of yorubas, aleyos santeros and babalawos oh my santeria church - olorisha santero santera when a person undergoes the ceremony of kariocha hacer el santo he or she becomes an olorisha this is a ceremony where that person s tutelary orisha is seated on his head he is literally crowned with that orisha and his body and life are consecrated to the service of that orisha olorishas can be crowned to any of the following orishas eleggua ogun ochosi, dr stephen skinner books on magic - the complete magician s tables 5th expanded edition 64 pages more than the 1st edition dr stephen skinner these more than 840 magical tables are the most complete set of tabular correspondences covering magic astrology divination tarot i ching kabbalah gematria angels demons graeco egyptian magic pagan pantheons christian muslim jewish buddhist taoist and mystical, the lukum pantheon orishas worshiped by the lukum - bibliography abimbola wande sixteen great poems of ifa paris 1975 ifa an exposition of ifa literary corpus ibadan 1976 ifa divination poetry, yor b gestures orisha image - i would like to mention important sources for this blogpost detailed list below first one is the article of augustine agwuele a repertoire of yoruba hand and face gestures this is a very recommended read for all the people who want to get into the details of gestures, hoodoo conjure rootwork definition and history - hoodoo in theory and practice by catherine yronwode a practical manual of hoodoo conjure rootwork magic spells rituals root doctoring and african american folk magic, cuban orisha dance orisha image - the standard repertoire of afro cuban yor b orisha dances went through a process of folklorization initiated by the communist revolution the african heritage on the island was studied and reshaped to be displayed on stage and integrated into the education system